*** I have always thought it took an especially capable dog to continue training beyond basic obedience. I am now convinced any dog can learn and wants to be engaged. Lana Kline at Paw and Hand has proven that she has the passion, commitment, knowledge and ingenuity to help you train your puppy to have basic manners or your competition dog to compete at the highest levels.

I started training at Paw and Hand in the fall of 2014 with a rescued mixed breed dog who was 9 years old at the time. I wanted him to earn his Canine Good Citizenship and after one class session we passed the test. What I wasn’t expecting was to have a dog that LOVED to train. We have now been training consistently with Lana for over two years. Ike is in great shape, his mind is sharp, his confidence has grown and overall he is happy. We have progressed into competitive classes and Ike is also now a Therapy Dog. I have trained and passed the CGC test with my two others dogs as well.

Training at Paw and Hand is fun while being effective. Large concepts are broken down into small skills that build together. The atmosphere is welcoming and all students are given the same level of attention and the ability to progress at their own speed. I highly recommend Lana and all of the trainers at Paw & Hand. I will be bringing Ike to class for as long as he still wants to come and is having fun. Rebecca Dewire 01/28/2017

***While I was a student at Paw & Hand in 2016, Cedar earned his UD title.

We could not have asked for a more intuitive, knowledgeable, and caring trainer.

Distraction/focus/proofing training was huge for us. Lana was able to expose our weaknesses; and through her guidance of useful distraction and proofing training exercises, Cedar was able to focus significantly better on the tasks we were asked to perform in a trial.

Thanks so much, Lana." Happy Tails, Nancy Haupt and Cedar 02/01/2017

***I can't say enough good things about Paw and Hand. The puppy class is a must for every puppy owner. Even if it's not your first dog, this class is a must. Fun and informative. A well trained dog makes puppyhood much more enjoyable :) Kate Frey, 01/29/2017

*** " I have found that Lana's attention to detail gives positive results for our dog training and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a well behaved dog" Jim Hepner

***"Sam and I recently completed Puppy K/Basic Obedience with Lana and her team. The Paw and Hand facility is spacious, well cared for, and clean. Lana's class greatly increased the bond between myself and Sam, who is a 4yr German Sheppard/Golden Retriever rescue. I now have more control over him by establishing my position as the leader of the pack and he loves the mental stimulation. I highly recommend you contact Lana and consider Paw and Hand for your training needs." Garrett Ruud & Sam