COVID-19 Info & Resources


The masking requirement has been removed, in general.

However, we are requiring individuals to follow the CDC guidelines regarding masking and isolating if they have symptoms, have tested positive, have been exposed to COVID-19, or are recovering from COVID-19.

A lot of people in our area have had COVID, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Thankfully most of the cases have been mild. However, we are still taking COVID-19 very seriously, as it also has complications and long-term effects for some people. We are still encouraging hand sanitizing and social distancing at the school and will strongly enforce the CDC guidelines for isolating & masking guidelines for people who have symptoms, or test positive, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. (CDC GUIDELINES CAN BE FOUND AT THE END OF THIS HANDOUT.)


For Group Classes:

  • in most cases only 1 handler may attend with the dog for classes or training; must get approval from Lana to have someone attend class with you

  • no extra friends, family or spectators unless you have cleared it with Lana first

  • no early arrivals; wait outside until 10 min prior to class start time, max)

  • everyone must use hand sanitizer upon entering the building (pump bottles are in several locations as you enter the building and/or head to the back room)

  • we are still social distancing; maintain 6 to 8 ft distance from others whenever possible

  • students must gather belongings and dog and exit the building promptly after class to clear the building before the next class enters

  • if questions can not be answered during class please email your questions before or after class so they can be addressed privately or if helpful, during class so everyone can learn from the question

  • masking is no longer required unless you have symptoms or fall within the CDC's masking recommendations

Additional Rules For Private Lessons

  • friends or family members may attend, up to 4 people (handler plus 3 family or friends)

  • please leave young children (under 10) at home for health and safety reasons. any exceptions must be thoroughly discussed with and approved by Lana.

  • everyone must social distance including young children

  • it is preferred that school-age children mask properly while at the building

  • a designated and sanitized table will be provided for your gear and belongings during your lesson

    • the table will have sanitizer and wipes

  • the instructor will generally handle any Paw & Hand equipment and will be responsible for spraying down the equipment at the end of the lesson or end of the day if deemed necessary

  • If you use the restroom:

    • wipe the toilet seat with disinfectant wipes (or spray with disinfectant spray) after use, including the flush handle

      • wipes and/or spray will be provided in the restroom

      • DO NOT FLUSH WIPES DOWN THE TOILET!!!! Dispose of them in waste can by the restroom door

    • be sure to wash your hands!!

In General - For Everyone

  • NO patron use of the kitchen area. Keurig, microwave and refrigerator are for staff use only

  • No public crates available. You must provide your own crate and remove it daily. No use of private crates by anyone other than the owner; any previous authorization by the owner is withdrawn until further notice. No exceptions.

  • Only Paw & Hand staff members may leave private crates at the building.

  • We are currently providing chairs for student use during class, placed 6 to 8 ft apart.

    • chairs and the areas around the chairs will be sprayed with disinfectant (quatstat) at the end of every day during high infection rates

    • No personal belongings or equipment is to be left at the building; take it with you


  • Regardless of vaccination status, you should isolate from others when you have COVID-19

  • You should also isolate if you are sick and suspect that you have COVID-19 but do not yet have test results.

  • If your test results are positive, follow the full isolation recommendations below. If your test results are negative, you can end your isolation.

  • If you tested positive:

    • If you had symptoms

      • Day 0 of isolation is the day of symptom onset, regardless of when you tested positive

      • Day 1 is the first full day after the day your symptoms started

    • If you had no symptoms

      • Day 0 is the day you were tested (not the day you received your positive test result).

      • Day 1 is the first full day following the day you were tested

      • If you develop symptoms within 10 days of when you were tested, the clock restarts at day 0 on the day of symptom onset

  • Once symptoms start, or you have been exposed, you must isolate for a minimum of 5 days. At the end of 5 days, if your symptoms are resolving/improving/going away, you can end isolation but you must mask for an additional 5 days

Please follow the above guidelines to keep everyone as healthy as possible. In order to remain a mask-free facility, we need to avoid transmitting the virus to others. Some of us are at higher risk of complications if we get COVID-19. If your instructor(s) get sick, we can't hold classes, so we need to do our best to stay healthy.

Paw & Hand will provide plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes for patrons' use. Class sizes will be limited to what we can accommodate while maintaining social distances. Class times have been staggered to give the earlier class time to leave before the second class comes in.

We apologize for the rules and limitations but we are also trying to assure that we are following CDC and PA Dept of Health guidelines for safe building and safe business practices. We also want to protect ourselves, our students and our other patrons.

If you have any questions please contact Lana at: (email is preferred) or call 570-980-1546 to speak with Joe Anne.