About Lana

Lana first stepped into a competitive ring in July 2005, in Rally Novice with rescued border collie, Cleo.

Since then,on a limited competition schedule, including time off to go back to school in 2006 and open a massage practice in 2008, Lana has completed 74 titles on 5 dogs in AKC, UKC and CDSP, including 2 AKC Utility Dog titles, 3 Preferred Utility Dog titles, 3 Graduate Open titles and 1 CDSP Utility title. Jypsy has earned 4 UDX legs, 3 Preferred UDX legs, and has OTCH, POC and OM points. The COVID-19 pandemic kept Jypsy and Isis from completing some goals. Other accomplishments with her own dogs include 10 High in Trials, 5 High Combineds, 4 perfect scores of 200 (1 AKC BN and 3 CDSP) , 2012 All Star Tournament 3rd Place Rally Excellent, 2014 All Star Tournament 4th Place Open Obedience and 10th Place Rally Excellent, and member of the 4th place Rally Team. Since 2017 Lana's dogs have been in the top 20 CDSP rankings for their class levels.

Jet, a young border collie, has started his obedience career. He has earned his AKC BN, RN, RI, PCD, CD, CGCU TKI, and only needs one leg for his GN. He will be showing in Open in 2022. Walt and Stevie are the newest additions to the Kline border collie pack. Walt is pursuing swimming and dock diving with Lana's husband, John. But he will be in the obedience ring with Lana later in 2022. Stevie earned her CDSP SN-Cv this winter, and last fall she started her BN and RN titles.

Lana's ability to also successfully teach students has been proven by her students who have earned more than 120 titles since 2014, including graduate open and utility titles, and cdsp utility, udx, and OTCH-C titles. Many students have qualified for AKC Rally Nationals and the AKC Classic the past 4 years and ranked high in the CDSP National rankings.

In the Spring of 2007, strongly encouraged by her own obedience instructor and mentor, Betsy Scapicchio from Top Dog Obedience School in Flanders, NJ, Lana began to teach pet obedience in preparation for teaching competitive obedience. Lana taught private pet obedience lessons in students' homes or businesses in the Muncy, Millville and Bloomsburg areas in 2007 and 2008. During the fall/winter of 2007/2008 Lana assisted Anita Zack with pet obedience classes at Top Dog Obedience School. In the Spring of 2008, her private students and training buddies began requesting classes and the first class was offered in June 2008 in Lana's back yard and large living room.

Paw & Hand moved into their first training building late summer/early fall of 2012. A 22 x 35 foot garage served as the training room, with a 22 x 15 foot space as the crating room. Climate control consisted of one window AC and a blue flame wall-mounted propane heater. An outdoor porta potty was the only bathroom. During the 3 years spent at that facility, now affectionately called "the little building", Lana and her students cranked out a lot of titles, and have lots of fond memories.

August 1 2015 the school moved to its current 4800 sf facility on Route 405 between Muncy and Hughesville. Class offerings have increased, class sizes have increased, time-scheduled obedience matches and AKC obedience trials are also offered.

Lana has been a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals since 2008 and became a certified dog trainer through the IACP in 2016.

Lana continues to learn and improve her own training and teaching by continuing regular lessons with Betsy Scapicchio from Top Dog Obedience School in Flanders NJ, through numerous workshops conducted by Betsy, Linda Brennan, and Brenda Aloff, and online courses by Meagan Karnes, Brenda Aloff, and Tyler Muto.

Every dog, every student teaches Lana something

Lana Kline, IACP-CDT, owner and head instructor at Paw & Hand Obedience, has been training dogs for competitive obedience since January 2004. Formal dog training followed a lifetime of owning dogs and training and showing horses, and teaching some riding lessons.

Lana and her husband John have always had their own pack of dogs, normally averaging 5 in number, and usually including 2 to 3 dogs rescued from neglectful homes, shelters or as strays.

<< Kline pack, Christmas 2008. L to R: Bentley, Petey, Cleo, Jypsy and Lance

Lance & Cleo, awards as of late summer 2006. >>>>>