Businesses We Like

Our Mentor Obedience School:

Top Dog Obedience School, Betsy Scapicchio, owner & training director

*Training equipment, obedience and agility. Includes leashes, collars, training collars, dumbbells, scent articles, etc

Max 200

*Jewelry, our previous landlord. Jodi Winters has excellent products at reasonable prices and gives the best customer service

JL Winters Jewelers

*Dumbbells & Scent Articles

Mel Stanley

*Gorgeous Custom Design/Colored Scent Articles

Bob Janek, Scents-A-Bell

(reputed excellent customer service, 30+ leather colors to choose from!)

*Great dumbbells, including varied color options

Training Treasures

*Scent Article Bags


for custom embroidered and bling embellished bags, with the ends embroidered from photos of your choice:

The Doggone Good Clicker Company

for the best all-around article bags --sturdy and extremely functional

To find Events: Matches, Workshops, Seminars, and some trials. Our own matches are listed here.

Register and pay online (with a nominal fee) visit:

*Agility equipment and custom-sized and custom-designed vehicle crates:

M.A.D. Agility

McClure, PA

For excellent and honest vehicle repair, maintenance and inspection:

Sullivan's Service Station

2164 Route 405 Hwy, Muncy, PA 17756. (570) 546-0321.