Businesses We Like

Our Mentor Obedience School:
Top Dog Obedience School, Betsy Scapicchio, owner & training director

Training equipment, obedience and agility.  Includes leashes, collars, training collars, dumbbells, scent articles, etc
Max 200

Jewelry, our previous landlord.  Jodi Winters has excellent products at reasonable prices and gives the best customer service
JL Winters Jewelers

Dumbbells & Scent Articles
Mel Stanley

Gorgeous Custom Design/Colored Scent Articles
Bob Janek, Scents-A-Bell
(reputed excellent customer service, 30+ leather colors to choose from!)

Great dumbbells, including varied color options
Training Treasures

Scent Article Bags

To find Events:  Matches, Workshops, Seminars, and some trials.  Our own matches are listed here.
Register and pay online (with a nominal fee) visit:

Agility equipment and custom-sized and custom-designed vehicle crates:
M.A.D.  Agility
McClure, PA